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Why PA Cinderella??

There are so many reasons to join Pennsylvania Cinderella, but I will start with the most important! Because we WANT you to be a part of our family! This is a complete truth! The reason I continue with Cinderella after over a decade is that I LOVE the family that we are. We are sometimes dysfunctional, I won't lie, but we are a family and I have never found that in any other pageant system. When we started with Cinderella in 2011, we instantly felt that people wanted us to be there, not just to pay our money and advertise for the program, but truly because they wanted to expand their family to include me and my kids. As someone with children who have special needs, that is everything.

Because we are a youth development program, not just a pageant We work hard to help you develop into a confident and poised person. We are there for you from the first time you contact us through everything! We will guide you through every need you have to perform better in the pageant, but our guidance will lead you into bigger and better things as what you learn as part of Cinderella will carry you through adulthood and help you achieve any dream you have.

Because you can find the talent you didn't know you had

Once you age into the Mini Miss Division, you are required to perform a talent in order to be eligible for the overall title. Don't have a talent? We can help! Talent in Cinderella is not just dancing or theater. While that is what the majority of people do, there are so many other options - talent here is about entertaining your audience, so we love those out-of-the-box talents.

Because you can develop your talent here Cinderella is a great way to build your confidence on stage by creating a new environment in which to perform your talent. Many dance studios are realizing that their students who are also involved in Cinderella have developed a confidence on stage that they did not have before.

Because it truly is Cinderella Magic

There is something about Cinderella that sets it apart from the rest. We call it magic. Just like when Cinderella lost her shoe at midnight and, against, all odds, the Prince found her from her shoe, the transformation our participants often go through as a result of participating in Cinderella is truly magic.

We would love to have you be part of our family. We have remaining pageants throughout PA from January through April, our state pageant in May, and our International pageant in July. In addition, we currently have a workshop/boot camp weekend scheduled in Lancaster. Please join us! Pageant Schedule Bootcamp Registration

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