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Cinderella Scholarship Pageant

The Cinderella Scholarship Pageant was founded in 1976 and is now in its third decade as a leader in the youth pageant industy.  The emphasis in Cinderella is placed upon each young lady learning to be "all that she can be."  With participants coming from around the world, Cinderella awards hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash, scholarships and prizes annually.  More than just a pageant, Cinderella is a year round program designed to promote and develop the talents and abilities found in each of its participants.                                                                               


                                                               The five major age divison in Cinderella are*:
                                                               Cinderella Tot:   3-6 years old
                                                               Cinderella Miniature Miss:    7-9 years old
                                                               Cinderella Miss:   10-12 years old
                                                               Cinderella Teen:   13-17 years old
                                                               Cinderella Woman:  18-26 years old

                                                                               Baby Divisions:
                                                               Cinderella  Infant: 0-11 months
                                                               Cinderella Baby:  12-23 months
                                                               Cinderella Tiny Tot:  34-25 months
                                                               Prince Charming:  0-6 years old

* ages are determined as of September 1.  Contestants can always move up in an age division, but they cannot move down and cannot move back down once they move up.  







*All age divisions are required to participate in three categories:  

               Party Dress:  Short dresses for ages 0-12, either above the knee or no longer than "tea-length".                                                Floor-length formals for ages 13-29.  Prince Charming will wear either suit/ties                                                        or tuxedos. 

               CasualWear:  Skirts, slacks, shorts, day time dresses. Boys: slacks, shorts, knickers, etc.  No Blue

                                         Jeans/ all ages.
               Interview*:  At the 
state/International level, this is typically a street-length dress for girls that is                                              simple  and flattering.  For boys, it would be similar to Casual Wear.  


*this is not an intelligence test, it is designed to assess poise, grooming, and communicative skills.



A talent category is required for all age divisions:  7-9, 10-12, 13-17, 18-29. for the Overall Title.  

Tot Personality, an onstage interview, will take the place of "talent" for the 3-6 age division.  


The highest-ranking talent in each age division is named "Talent Winner" and the best onstage interview in the 3-6 division is named the "Tot Personality" winner*.  Talent time cannot exceed 2 1/2 minutes. 

*assuming that participant did not win overall or beauty.


Participants in each age division are judged on photogenic qualities and personality exhibited in their photograph. Age division winners are named "Photogenic Girl/Boy Winners".


*Pageants are held on a local, state, and international level.  

AWARDS: Overall, Beauty, Talent, and Photogenic as well as Alternate trophies in each category in each                           age division.  Tiaras, banners, and trophies.

*Scholarships are awarded at the State and International Levels only.

Overall Winner Prize Package:

Crown, Satin Banner, Trophy
Crown Topper
Crown Box
Custom satin chair cover
Scholarship (minimum participation required)


Please refer to the current handbook here under forms for the most current information.


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