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Miniature Miss    Competition

Our Miniature Miss participants are ages 7-9 as of September 1, so you may participate with girls as old as 10 in this division.  Our Miniature Miss participants participate in Private Interview, Casualwear modeling, partywear modeling, photogenic and Talent.


Private Interview
Our system is very personality based, private interview is a time for the judges to focus on each individual participant and try to get to know them a little bit.  The participants will come into the ballroom one at a time to talk to the judges for 90 seconds.  This is NOT an intelligence test.  The interview is designed to be a brief “conversation” between the judges and the participant.  Additionally, it is an opportunity for the judge to observe communicative skills, alertness, self-confidence, manners, and personality.   For preliminary pageants, the participant will wear their casualwear outfit for this event.  At the state and international level, the participant will wear an outfit specifically for private interview.   Some examples of questions the judges might as are:
What is the best vacation you have ever been on?
What is your favorite subject in school?
What are you doing for your talent?


Casualwear modeling
Participants model on stage in casualwear attire.  The modeling presentation will include a brief self-introduction at the center of the state, which should include name, age, and hometown.  Please allow the emcee to hold the microphone for you.  The modeling pattern and music is set and consistent across all Cinderella pageants.  You can view a tutorial of the modeling here.   The attire should be a dressy casual outfit that the participant might wear to an event, such as a friend’s birthday party or a festive holiday occasion.  You can view examples of attire here.


Partywear modeling
Participants model on stage in a party dress.  The modeling pattern and music is set and consistent across all Cinderella pageants.  You can view a tutorial of the modeling here.   The attire should be a shorter dress (approximately knee length) and should be simple in design (limit patterns, lace, sequins, tulle, etc.) and color.   Simple satin or silk dresses are a great choice.  You can view examples of attire here.


Participants should submit a headshot (shoulders and up), no bigger than 8X10 for judging.  Photos are judged on the ability of the participant to portray their beauty, personality and charm through the photographic medium.  Photos may be in black and white, or color and Judges are instructed to look for a “natural” unaffected look.  The photo should portray the participant in an age-appropriate way as regards to hair, makeup, attire and photographic composition.  Simple clothing and background and neat, styled hair make for the best photos.


Participants perform a talent of their choice.  Cinderella defines talent as any creative performance that entertains an audience (humorous skits, dramatics, pantomime, dancing, singing, musical instruments, and baton are some, though not all, of what may be showcased).  Showmanship, stage presence, preparation, the level of accomplishment, proficiency, staging, transitions, composition of routine and costume will all be considered.  The judges will not be swayed by beauty in judging talent.  Talent may not exceed 2:30 in length.  

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