2018   PA State Cameo Pageant


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 I have decided to open the Cameo Girl Pageant to anyone who wishes to enter.  We previously
 did not allow the current Overall Royalty winners to have the opportunity to compete for Cameo.  I have decided to run the state Cameo the same way the Internationals are run. This means 'anyone' can enter the  pageant, even if they were an International Cameo Girl the year before. Again, even if you won the Cameo Girl at state last year, you can still come back and compete again year after year.  YOU MUST COMPETE THE AGE YOU ARE ON THE DATE OF THE CAMEO PAGEANT. The September 1st rule does not apply for the AAMTC Events, which includes Cameo Girl.  ** And, one last footnote on this, If you win a Cameo Girl title, a Model or Talent of the Year title, DO NOT RHINESTONE YOUR SASH.  Rhinestones are only to be put on the STATE ROYALTY SASHES.  This is protocol at Cinderella.

-Miss Judy

2015/2016  PA State Cameo Royalty